Family Photos, Eberle and Merck
Compiled by Marilyn Bruya
Merck Family

Eberle Family

28. Rose Eberle

29. Rose and Jacob Eberle with nephew Fr. Valentine Moffenbier

30. Fr Valentine Moffenbier


31. July 29, 1911 photo taken in South America.
Front row: Lucy on the left and Felix third from the right. Above Felix, second from the right is Joe, appearing to hold a cup. In the row above Joe, on the very left, the boy wearing a cap is John.

The following four are enlargements from # 31.

32. John

33. Joe

34. Lucy

35. Felix

36. "June 15, 1911 Agricultural Establishment of Don Merrit Stickar, Darragueira Station." (approximate translation) Felix is fourth from the right in his black hat. The original photo was loaned out and lost in recent years.. However, it was photographed in the 1980 's and this copy was made from a photo of the original.

37. Catherine and son. This photo and the accompanying holy card were found together in Catherine's German prayerbook. The holy card is from Easter Sunday, April 1912, The Church of Mercy , Buenos Aires. It is assumed the photo was taken about that time in South America and that this is one of her younger sons. Comparing facial structure and features to those of later photos of the younger boys, it is assumed to be son Jack.

38. 39. 40 details of #37 and of holy card.

41. Early photo of farm. Not identified. Assumed to be N. Dakota because of style of house.

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