Why Not Join Us?


Download a volunteer application here.

Call us at (501) 897-0793 or (501) 897-0794.    

Email:  lstrainrsvp@gmail.com



Here are some options from which you can choose to get involved in our cause. 

 Volunteer Your Time


There are always numerous opportunities for you to serve your community as an RSVP volunteer. An updated list of volunteer opportunities at the different stations that need to be filled will be posted here in the near future.  Please come back and look at this list and contact Lisa Strain, RSVP Volunteer Manager, if you are interested in working in any of these areas.  Each station will do training for these positions.  You will notice that there are weekly jobs and there are one-time events that are taking place.  Please pay attention to the dates of the one-time events and let us know if you are interested ASAP.   .   


1. If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please call Lisa Strain, RSVP office at (501) 897-0793  or email lstrainrsvp@gmail.com.
2. You set your own schedule. You are not expected to work all the hours listed, everyday.
3. Training is provided.
4. You must provide your own transportation to and from the work site.


Make a Donation 

RSVP operates off of federal dollars, grants and private donations. With RSVP,you know where your money will be going -- volunteer insurance, recognition ceremonies, office staff and other support activities. Your donation is tax deductible.


Estate Planning 

A good way to leave a legacy is to remember the organization that you have put so much of your time into. Just 1% of your estate would benefit RSVP and its volunteers for years to come. Remember RSVP when its time to plan where your estate goes.