Dee Edwards

Our new volunteer coordinator came to us in 2021.  She served as the Volunteer Coordinator at DHS for the Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP).  Dee retired in May, and we reached out to her to join our organization as Volunteer Coordinator.

Dee brings to our organization a positive attitude, and a proactive approach to senior volunteerism.  Her goal is to keep our volunteers active.  Dee loves to work with seniors because seniors serve with their heart. 


Ed Merck
Ed Merck has served as our webmaster for a number of years following his retirement from the Arkansas DHS.  Prior to that, he was a career officer in the United States Air Force.  In addition to managing our website, Ed has created and maintained websites for a number of veteran and non-profit organizations.


We appreciate the support we get from our sponsor.

Future Builders, Inc.

Dr. Ebony Conley, Executive Director