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Do you have any contact information about the owner of the Evreux vehicle pictured below? Please send an email to this site and we will notify the current owner.

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This website recently received an email from an individual in England which is quoted here in part:

Hello, I live in the UK and am hoping that joining your group will help me track down the original owner of a VW van I am in the possession of. The van amazingly still has the Air Base sticker Pass attached to the fender from Evreux. The van is a 1961 VW westfalia campervan and was owned by someone on the US base in France.

I have attached 2 pictures of the fender sticker and one of what the van would have looked like 'back in the day'. I have found evidence the van lived out it's useful life back in Denver, Col, USA.

The van was shipped here to the UK about 3 years ago and i have got her back on the road, bizarrely me and my family took the van on holiday to France this year! Little did we know at the time it had already been there!

Base Sticker Bumper Sticker Original Look

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This page was created November 15, 2009