Mercks, Whalens, Danzls Gathered in St. Cloud

The 25th anniversery of Lori (Whalen) and Tom Danzl in July gave Mercks, Whalens and Danzls an opportunity to gather and enjoy each other in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Folks came from Arkansas, the Carolinas, Illinois and North Dakota.

These pictures, from various sources, show only some of the activities. This is page four of four.

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Loretta, Jerry Loretta and Jerry listen to a family tale.

Danzl and English Carissa, Bonnie & Al Danzl visit with Kathy & Butch English.

Danzl discussion group Danzl group has an enjoyable discussion.

Kathy English Kathy says turnabout is fair play -- with the camera, that is.

Danzyls, Illinois Relatives Group of Danzls and Illinois relatives.

Tom's Aunt Em with daughter-in-law Sue and grandsons from Illinois.

Dancing Carrie, Margaret, Jean, Gina and Crystal doing "Dance Little Bird".

Time to eat Lining up to eat at the Newman Center.

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