Mercks, Whalens and Danzls Gathered in St. Cloud

The 25th anniversery of Lori (Whalen) and Tom Danzl in July 1997 gave Mercks, Whalens and Danzls an opportunity to gather and enjoy each other in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Folks came from Arkansas, the Carolinas, Illinois and North Dakota.

These pictures, from various sources, show only some of the activities. This is page one of four.

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Gram and her gangBefore lunch, Gram posed with Ed, Leo, Bob, Mike and Cathi.

Anna Marie and Sr. AnitaAnna Marie and Anita are shown during their October '96 visit at Colorado Springs' Broadmoor.

Leo with Gram, Madeline, GinaLeo with Gram, Madeline and Gina

Leo and Bev are shown with Gina and CindyLeo and Bev are shown with Gina and Cindy

Bob and KurtBob and Kurt in conversation.

Bob, Madeline and EdBob, Madeline and Ed pose for the photographer, Kim.

Jo and RobertaJo, Roberta and others are visiting with Anna Marie.

Kurt watches as Madeline serves part of the gang.

Roberta, Bob, KimRoberta, Bob and Kim at table.

Roberta, Leo, Chuck, KimRoberta, Leo, Chuck, Kim at a favorite gathering place.

Thom, Charles Michael and BobTommy, Charles Michael and Bob.

KyleKyle of Carolina..

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