Mercks, Whalens, Danzls Gathered in St. Cloud

The 25th anniversery of Lori (Whalen) and Tom Danzl in July gave Mercks, Whalens and Danzls an opportunity to gather and enjoy each other in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Folks came from Arkansas, the Carolinas, Illinois and North Dakota.

These pictures, from various sources, show only some of the activities. This is page two of four.

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Jean Jean enjoyed looking at baby picture of Tom's dad.

Margaret Margaret was always so full of energy!

Jean, Adrianne, Tom Jean, Adrianne and Tom confer with Bob.

Lori, Dan, Anita Loretta, Dan and Sr. Anita, partying together again.

Party group This group was just one of the fun tables at the big party.

Dancers Sr. Lorraine, Margaret, and Sr. Anita were among the dancers.

Madonna and Bill Sr. Anita tried to explain it all to cousins Madonna and Bill Yuill.

Anita and Lorraine Sr. Anita, Sr. Lorraine and a lot of balloons.

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