Evreux Alumni

Evreux Air Base Open House

May 2002
Evreux Air Base, France

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Our old Officers Club (where we had our Friday night party) presently contains the Base Museum (Barred windows), where old Bar used to be.

Base Museum contains 4 sections with photo's, etc. Pre WW2, 1940-45, When we were there and since the French are there. Guess it's part of history but there is more pictures, etc., of German things, than our times there. This picture shows Herman Goering on an inspection visit there.

Evreux Veterans on Mayor's steps. About half of attendees, others are probably taking pictures.

In cockpit of C-160. Ken McWhorter & Dave Sutherland.

Cargo Compartment of C-160. Very similar to C-130. Copilot on Left and Pilot on right gave us a tour, and answered questions.

Bill Lloyd forwarded this clipping from a French newspaper.

Thank you, Mademoiselle Pilot, we are humbled in your presence. You are welcome, fellow airmen.

Discussing C-160 Controls. Must have been funny.

Most aircraft presently based at Evreux are C-160. Approximately the same size as the C-130 but with 2 turboprop engines. They say it can carry a heavier load with less fuel on takeoff and refueling capability (long probe. Also it can be a tanker.

Back gate (going to Fauville) is closed.

Just inside front gate ARMEE DE L'AIR BASE AERIENNE 105 (Formerly Evreux/Fauville Air Base). Trees all over, vacant fields where gas station and trailer psrk used to be.

FAF Pilot explaining the similarities of C-160 & C-130 Cargo System.

Photos were furnished by David Sutherland (39TCS, 61-64)

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