Evreux Alumni

Evreux Air Base Open House

May 2002
Evreux Air Base, France

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Group photo was taken at City Hall, May 11, 2002.

Inspecting Honor guard prior to wreath laying.

New FAF Mess.

My home in Fauville as it looks today.

Back in 61 the housing area (only about 15 or 20 duplexes) was the only thing in the area with a panoramic view across the valley. Talked to a neighbor across the street (new house) the houses had been used for several different things then sold to individuals. This picture is the Unit we lived in (behind the overgrown bushes) looks like the Unit the Lights had is well taken care of.

A typical street sceen on May 9.

Floorshow Friday night May 10.

From the perimeter road side all Marguerites have earth berms and all you can see from outside is the tails of the C-160 aircraft.

From the taxiway side of the marguerites. Some roads have been changed for example the access to the old 39TCS came in from the perimeter road, now that road has been changed so you come on the runway side of barracks and then into the parking area.

This is a picture of us on the steps of the Mayor's office May 11, 2002 (that's the Mayor with papers in his hand, over Cheryl's right shoulder).

For a 'then' and 'now' comparison with the picture on the left, this is David Sutherland and son, David II, waiting to sign book of condolences for President Kennedy Family in 1963. David II was 10 years old.

Extracts from Email:

I went to Evreux and had a wonderful time. The visit was extremely well organized. The activities included

Friday, May 10: Visit to Evreux City Museum (excellent guided tour), That evening a reception at the old Officers Club at the base with welcoming speech from Col. Baillet (Base Commander), dinner and a floor show from French Polynesia.

Saturday, May 11: Reception at City Hall by Mr. Jean Louis Debre' (Mayor of Evreux). Group picture was made on steps of City Hall and given to each participant. Many other people were at the reception. Then to the base for an open house. First a wreath laying with military honors at memorial to Pvt. 1st Class Roger Boender. Lunch with Col. Baillet, and a tour of the base and a C-160 aircraft.

Sunday: Church on base. We didn't attend, instead went to St. Remy to find house we first stayed at when we arrived in Aug 61 to Dec 61. Afternoon Tour of Normandie Niemen Museum at Les Andelys and Chateau Gaillard (On Seine River north of Evreux). Then to Gallery of Jean Francois (Col. LeMao's friend).

Awhile back I sent in a picture from the Combat Cargo base paper with my son and I waiting to sign the Kennedy Book in 63. He was 10 years old at the time, this (top, left)is a picture of us on the steps of the Mayor's office May 11, 2002 (that's the Mayor with papers in his hand, over Cheryl's right shoulder). David Sutherland (pilot 39 TCS 61-64)

Photos were furnished by David Sutherland (39TCS, 61-64)

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