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This page contains a limited collection of photos of members of the Merck family. Others will be added. Click on any photo you would like to see enlarged. Use your browser's 'Back' button to return to this page.

Joe and Katherine

Joseph John (1858-1939) and Katherine Cecilia (Eberle) Merck (1866-1938). They brought their family from the Odessa region, Kutschurgan Villages, South Russia to the United States in 1912, following a three year interlude in Brazil and Argentina. They first settled near Katherine's brother, Felix Eberle, in McHenry County, North Dakota. Joseph and Katherine, along with several of their children, moved to Portland, Oregon, in the early 1920s.
Anthony Joseph Merck (1898-1964). On the left, as a young man in North Dakota, in 1917. On the right, in 1962. "Tony" spent his adult life serving the public as an agent/telegrapher for the Great Northern Railway in North Dakota and Minnesota.
On the left, Margaret Jane Jerome (1901-2001), as a young lady in 1919, prior to meeting her future husband, Anthony Joseph Merck. On the right, Margaret Jane (Jerome) Merck in 1962. Margaret grew to adulthood on the family farms near Pembina, North Dakota.
MargaretMargaret in 1962
Merck Family

Family of Anthony Joseph and Margaret Merck. Anthony (Sr.) on left; Margaret on right: Anna Marie (1923-2003), rear; Leo (1926-2006 ), Lawrence Michael (1928- ), Robert (1930- ), Anthony (Jr.) (1925-1943) in middle rows; Edward (1931- )in front. Photo taken about 1939 in Humboldt, Minnesota.
Mercks 1964

Children of Anthony Joseph and Margaret Merck. Left to right: Lawrence Michael, Leo, Robert, Anna Marie, Edward. Seated: Catherine (Sister Natalie, OSB). Photo taken in Grand Forks, North Dakota, in December 1964.
Anna Marie (1923-2003), daughter of Anthony J. and Margaret Merck. While her husband was in the army during World War II, Anna Marie was employed by the Great Northern Railway. In later years, she did accounting work for several firms and, more importantly, raised four children.
Anna Marie
Anthony J. Merck, Jr. (Tony)(1925-1943) served his country in the United States Navy during World War II. His death in 1943 resulted from an aviation accident at Fernandina, Florida, where Tony was providing instruction to naval aviators.
Anthony and Leo

Anthony Merck with his son, Leo, in the winter of 1944.

Sister Cathi Merck (1942-2019), daughter of Anthony and Margaret Merck, after being elected Prioress at Mt. Saint Benedict Monastery, Crookston, Minnesota.
Tony and Margaret

Margaret visits her husband Anthony Merck in his office
in the railroad depot in Humboldt, Minnesota.

Lawrence Michael, son of Anthony and Margaret Merck.
Mom and Us

Cathi, Ed and Leo visit their mother, Margaret Merck.

Robert, son of Anthony and Margaret Merck.
Joe Merck

Joe Merck (1890-1944), son of Joseph and Katherine Merck.
John and Elizabeth

John Merck (1896-1979), son of Joseph and Katherine Merck, is shown with his bride, Elizabeth Gefroh (1900-1992).
Anthony and Margaret

Anthony (Tony) Merck (1898-1964), son of Joseph and Katherine Merck, is shown with his bride, Margaret Jerome (1901-2001).
Matt and Eva

Mathias (Matt) Merck (1901-1987), son of Joseph and Katherine Merck, is shown with his bride, Eva (1907-1938). Their mothers are also shown.
Merck Reunion

Pictured is a Merck family reunion at Portland, Oregon. Joseph John Merck and his wife Katherine Cecilia (Eberle) Merck are seated near the front.
Joe and Gay
Joseph Merck (1890-1944) holds Gabriela (Gaye) Van Perre (1920- ). Joe was godfather for Gaye Van Perre. Photo was taken in Portland, Oregon, about 1920.

This is a picture of the Joannes (1841-1919) and Juliana (Hegele)(1841-1912) Merck family taken in Elsass, Russia in 1885, where the family owned and operated a flour mill. Christian (1871-1947), with hand in jacket, is 13 years old. On the right, a hired man.
Christian and Eva

Christian Merck (1871-1947) and wife Eva Baumgartner (1872-1952) are shown with three of their children, Juliana (1897-1983), Jacob (1895-1987), and Elizabeth (1900-1992).
Jack Merck

Jack Merck (1903-1975), youngest son of Joseph and Katherine Merck.

Barbara Ackerman Merck (1911-1995), wife of Jack Merck.

Claudia Merck Braun (1936-1992), daughter of Jack and Barbara Merck.

Loretta Merck Campbell (1944- ), daughter of Jack and Barbara Merck.

Melvin (1927-2007), son of Joe and Agatha Merck of Portland, Oregon.

Richard M. Merck (1942-2020), son of Mathias and Mary Ann Merck of Portland, Oregon.
Ron and Nancy

Ron, son of Jack and Barbara Merck, and wife Nancy while visiting the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas.
Ron and Ed

Ronald, son of Jacob Joseph (Jack) Merck (1903-1975) is pictured with cousin Edward, son of Anthony Merck (1898-1964) during a visit in Arkansas in 1995.
Felix family

Bill, Leo, Caroline (Leo's wife), Alex, and Mary Jo (Bill's wife), children of Felix and Mary Merck, in picture taken in Minot ND in 2006.
Marily and Ed

Cousins Marilyn Bruya and Ed Merck at the GRHS convention
in Portland OR in July 2006.

Bill, Leo, Alex, Jo (Ed's wife) and Ed Merck in picture taken in Minot ND in 2006.
Bill's Family

Bill and Mary Jo Merck's family pictured in this 2007 photo.
Andre and Ed

Andre Merck of Strasbourg compares family history with Ed Merck in Strasbourg, Alsace, France in June 2007.

Photo of a Merck group visiting Schoenenbourg, Alsace, France in June 2007. Merck ancestors resided here before emigrating to South Russia (Ukraine).

Hunter Fletcher, grandson of Connie Jo Merck Parker.

Connie Jo Merck Parker (1949-2009), daughter of Edward and Jo Merck.
Eddie Fletcher, son of Connie Jo Parker, Kim Fletcher, Hunter Fletcher, and Mary Jo Fletcher.

Mary Jo Fletcher, granddaughter of Connie Jo Merck Parker.

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