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This page contains additional photos related to the Merck family. Others will be added from time to time. Click on any photo you would like to see enlarged. Use your browser's 'Back' button to return to this page.

Joe and Katherine

Joseph John (1858-1939) and Katherine Cecilia (Eberle) Merck (1866-1938) are pictured at their home near Karlsruhe in McHenry County, North Dakota. Standing behind are son Joseph and daughter Madeline.

This is the house the Joseph and Katherine Merck family lived in (about 1917-1923) 8 miles SE of Karlsruhe, near Balfour.
Madeline plus

Photo of Katherine, Madeline and Joseph taken in North Dakota. Shortly after, Katherine was hospitalized for about six months for kidney surgery. Photo is unusual because it shows them in profile.

July 29, 1911 is written at the bottom of this party picture taken in Argentina. Felix Merck in black hat is in the front row, third in from the right. Above him, second in from the right in the second row, is his brother Joe Merck. Under the number two ,on the top left of the photo is John Merck.
Magdalene at 14

Magdalena (Madeline) (1905-2002) is pictured at age 14.
Marilyn and Gene

Marilyn and Eugene, daughter and son of Magdalena Merck and Stephen Rosera.
Christian Merk Family 1975

Christian Merk (1892-1926) and Marianna Jochim (1892-1975)
family pictured in 1975 in Saskatchewan.
Front Row, L to R: Mary, Margaret, Rosa, Katherina.
Back Row, L to R: Roy, Sebastian, Bernard, Joe.
J. E. Merck

John Edmund Merck (1882-1964) was first generation American after his father emigrated from Schoenenbourg in Alsace, France, to Freeport, Illinois. As his father did, his occupation was owner of a meat market.

Josephine Beadte Merck (1885-?) became the wife of John Edmund Merck on April 29, 1912 in Stephenson County, Illinois .
Merck cemetery

Joseph Francois Merck (1791-before1867) married in Forstheim, Alsace, with Marie Ann Issenmann (1797-1867) and then moved to Poland (at that time under Russian occupation ) as settlers - it was around 1818/19 (similarly to Elsass case, but a bit later). The place they settled in Poland is called Milejów. It is a very small village, but very, very old with first written archives reaching as deep as 1176. The surname has of course been wrongly written down in some of parish books ie. Meryk, but then finally changed back to more close to original "Merk" (without "c" as this is so called "silent" letter). This recent picture was taken in the cemetery in Milejów in which all of the ancestors of the current Merk branch of the family were buried. Here is a panorama view of the beautiful cemetery: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AvETc46d2_7oguUySu0ifwcFyfozmg?e=Eedc6K

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