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This page contains a limited collection of photos of members of the Jerome family. Others will be added. Click on any photo you would like to see enlarged. Use your browser's 'Back' button to return to this page.

Andre and Marguerite

Andre (1829-1916) and Marguerite (Gosselin) Jerome (1829-1914). Although Andre was born in the Red River Settlement, Hudson Bay Company territory, the Jerome family came to the United States prior to 1850. Newspaper articles in the Kittson County Enterprise, Hallock, Minnesota, credit Andre Jerome as being the first white person to sink a plow in Kittson County.
Napoleon and Elisa

Napoleon (1865-1947) and Eliza (Renville) Jerome (1868-1927) resided in Kittson County, Minnesota, and Pembina County, North Dakota. They raised their family on farms, including the "Fort Farm" on land which once was Fort Pembina (North Dakota).

The last seven Jerome St. Matte brothers, 1905. Top: Eli, David and Daniel; bottom: Louis, Andre, Jerome and Joseph. Roger was absent. Martin and Baptiste were deceased in 1905.

Andre Jerome's sons in 1880: Top: Roger and Napoleon. Center: Martin, Andrew and Baptiste. Front: Sam and Alexander.
Napoleon's Family

Napoleon (1865-1947)and Eliza (1868-1927) Jerome are pictured with their family.
Amos' Family

Amos (1895-1973)(son of Napoleon and Eliza) and Nancy (Sandburg) Jerome (1896-1986) are shown with members of their family.

Napoleon Jerome (1865-1947).
Elizabeth, Margaret

Elizabeth Younggren (1902-1995) and Margaret Merck (1901-2001), daughters of Napoleon and Eliza (Renville) Jerome.
Nap and Alice

Louis Napoleon (1892-1975) (son of Napoleon and Eliza (Renville) Jerome) and Alice (Hutchins) Jerome (1900-1995).

Eliza (Renville) Jerome (1868-1927).
Reunion 1 Reunion 2 Reunion 3

Jerome descendants gathered at home of Ed Jerome outside Hallock, Kittson County, Minnesota. Other activities included a skit in Hallock portraying Andre Jerome's life. The group shown in these pictures is but a small portion of Jerome descendants.

Angelique (Jerome) Rolette (1828-1893), daughter of Martin and Angelique (Letendre) Jerome. Angelique was the wife of Joe Rolette (1822-1871), a fur trader and legislator.
Jolly Joe

Joe Rolette (1822-1871) was in the territorial legislature just prior to Minnesota becoming a state. When legislation passed to move the capitol to St. Peter, "Jolly Joe" confiscated the bill and hid out until it was time to adjourn, thus preventing the bill from becoming law. The capitol remains in St. Paul because of this.

Napoleon Jerome with grandchildren Leo (son of Anthony and Margaret (Jerome)) Merck and Madonna (daughter of Clifford and Elizabeth (Jerome)) Younggren, about 1942.

Daughters of Napoleon and Eliza Jerome: Margaret (1901-2001) (standing), Elizabeth (1902-1995) and Mary (1898-1942).

Elzear Goulet (1836-1870) married Helene Jerome (1844-1929), daughter of Jean B. Jerome (1827-1845) and niece of Joe Rolette. He was the mail courier between Pembina and the Red River Settlement (Manitoba) until 1869 when problems at Fort Garry arose between the Metis and the British. As one of the Metis captains he was a member of the council which determined that Thomas Scott should be executed. In September 1870 he was chased by a mob of Orangemen sympathizers through the streets of Winnipeg. He jumped in the Red River, and while attempting to swim to the other side was pelted with stones, lost consciousness and drowned. Although in daylight with many witnesses, no one was ever charged with his death.

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