Evreux Alumni Group Update

The Evreux Alumni Group convened at the Sheraton Four Points Riverwalk Hotel in San Antonio on Sept 25th for our year 2000 reunion. We had 153 folks who signed up to attend this years event. Everyone was free to tour, on their own, and many did enjoying the many sights and fine restaurants in the San Antonio area. There is much to see and do there.
In the afternoons and evenings many would return to the hospitality room for refreshments and to chat with old friends. The hospitality room was on the ninth floor and had a wonderful patio. All seemed to enjoy the camaraderie there. Many old and new recollections of Evreux were exchanged.
Denver Panoramics, who took the group photo, finished in much faster order than we had anticipated so we had to wait a few minutes while the wait staff completed preparing the dining room. The banquet dinner was one of the finest we have had. The food was prepared to near perfection and was excellent in presentation and taste. There were no complaints with dinner.
We had a good mix of the different units at the reunion. We had 143 folks at the banquet dinner. There were eight (8) 322nd Air Division/TDY, ninety-two (92) 465th TCW related, twenty-seven (27) 317th related and sixteen (16) combined, e.g. 780/39th. folks present at the dinner. General Iosue, M/Gens. Currie, Saunders and Wilson would make a few remarks to the audience.
Following the wonderful dinner we conducted our business meeting where we would learn that we had carried over $553.21 from the Virginia Beach Reunion and, after San Antonio expenses, anticipate that we will carry forward about $1200 to the next reunion. A discussion occurred where it was decided that the next reunion would be this Evreux Alumni group. Consideration will be given, at the next reunion, for a combined reunion with the 317th Veterans Group in the year 2002 or 2003.
Jim Strickland's tour as secretary/treasurer was up so we sought a new secretary/treasurer. Jerry and Darlene Teachout had pioneered the reunions from 1984 - 1992. Jim had picked it up there and had coordinated the reunions from 1992 - 2000. Nubs Mueller, 41st TCS, volunteered to handle this task. His duties begin with your receipt of this letter. His address is: Nubs Mueller, 7003 Shoal Creek Blvd., Austin, TX 78757 and his email address is; Evsecmueller@aol.com. Please advise him of any roster change including your email address.
We then sought out volunteers to host the next reunion. It was decided that we would not wait two years for the next reunion. Jim McGinley and Ed Brown, both 782nd TCS, volunteered to host the next reunion in Las Vegas October 2001. Additional details will be forthcoming as Jim and Ed coordinate with the hotels and Nubs to get the word out. As you will recall we had a wonderful reunion there in 1997.
Lee Worley spoke to the audience and presented Harriet Strickland a beautiful engraved sculpture for her assistance to Jim and the Wing these past four reunions. M/Gen. Chuck Wilson then spoke to the audience, as well, and presented Jim Strickland with a Certificate of Deep Appreciation for his efforts. There being no further business we adjourned to the hospitality room for refreshments.
If you did not get an order form for the group photo from Denver Panoramics and wish to purchase a photo you may contact Denver Panoramics at (210) 690-1015 to obtain ordering information.
We eagerly look forward to having an even better turnout in Las Vegas. Certainly we will all have a great time there. There are so many shows and things to do. Several new casinos have been added since we were last there in '97. One of interest to us will probably be the new Paris Casino on the Strip. Nubs Mueller will be sending out the Las Vegas registration information sometime after the first of the year.

See you all in Las Vegas October 2001!!!

Online information about the 317th Veterans Group Reunion to be held in Seattle September 27-30, 2001 can be found at: http://www.usaf317thvet.org.

Online information about the Evreux Alumni Group Reunion to be held in Las Vegas October 7-11, 2001 (tentative) will be found at: http://evreuxalumni.org. Also many San Antonio Reunion photos have been posted on the site.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the honors extended to Harriet and myself. We have so enjoyed doing these past reunions. It seems that the more you give the more comes back to you in the form of new friendships and experiences. Thanks to Jerry and Darlene Teachout for initiating these reunions and to those who assisted us through the years; Jerry and Darlene Teachout, Jim Barlow, Roger Monroe, Pappy Ross, Jim McGinley, Dick Boyle and Nubs Mueller. We look forward to the Las Vegas reunion.

Jim Strickland, Sec/Treas.
Evreux Alumni Group

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