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Van de Perre Family

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This page contains a limited collection of photos of members of the Van Perre family. Pictures were furnished by Rhonda Bucher Wilhelm. Click on any photo you would like to see enlarged. Use your browser's 'Back' button to return to this page.

Copy of document obtained from the Iron Range Research Center, Chisholm, Minnesota.
Clemens Van de Perre completed a Declaration of Intention to become a citizen of the United States of America on 11 July 1914 at Virginia, Minnesota. He was a resident of Hibbing, Minnesota, at that time.
These photos taken around Portland, Oregon, ca. 1920.
Jules Van de Perre
Clemens Van de Perre
Gabriella Van de Perre
Anton Van de Perre
Maria Robyn Van de Perre
Maria Robyn Van de Perre, in Belgian clothes
Clemens, Gabriella
Clemens and Gabriella Van de Perre
Maria Robyn Van de Perre on their chicken farm in Cowlitz County, Washington
Anton and Ann Perry, Clemens Van Perre and friend on a hunting trip
Top row, 3d from rt., Anton Perry; Middle row, rt. end, Maria Van de Perre; Middle bottom row, Gabriella Van de Perre; Bottom, rt. end, Mary Van Perre
Maria, Alfons
Maria Robyn Van de Perre with her father, Alfons Robyn
Alfons Robyn, fishing on the Columbia
Clemens Van Perre is pictured in Army uniform (ca. 1916) during World War I.

Clemens Van Perre, ?, Anton Perry, Gabriella Van de Perre Quoidbach, Antonette Perry, Merck ?, ?, Eberle ?, Merck ?. Photo was taken August 2, 1917.

Left to right: Anton Perry (Antoon Van de Perre), wife Antonette Perry, Val Quoidbach holding Gay Van Perre, Mary Van Perre, Joseph Merck ? Photo was taken in 1920.
Maria, Gaybriele
Maria Robyn, Gaybriele (daughter of Klementine, Jules Van de Perre's step-sister), and Sidonia (JVDP's sister)

Top row, l. to r.: Gabriella and Valentin Quoidbach, Mary and Clemens Van de Perre, Anton and Ann Perry (and standing below Anton. Middle: Isedorus and Maria Van de Perre. In front: Gabriella Van Perre (Genske) and Antonette Perry (Codino)
Jules, Maria
Jules and Maria Van de Perre (1930s ?)
Band Director
Clemens Van Perre was band director at Santa Clara University in California, beginning in 1932. This photo was taken about 1933.

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