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This page contains a limited collection of photos of members of the Renville family. Others will be added later. Click on any photo you would like to see enlarged. Use your browser's 'Back' button to return to this page.

Eliza Renville Jerome

.Eliza (Renville) Jerome (1868-1927). Napoleon Jerome (1865-1947) and Eliza (Renville) Jerome resided in Kittson County, Minnesota, and Pembina County, North Dakota. They raised their family on farms, including the "Fort Farm" on land which once was Fort Pembina (North Dakota).
Joseph Renville

Joseph Renville, great grandfather of Eliza (left), established a fur trading post (Fort Renville) and a mission at Lac qui Parle in Minnesota. In addition to playing an important role as guide and interpreter for explorers who mapped that region, he worked with the missionaries to translate verses of the Bible into the Sioux language. His influence with native americans in the area was significant. His wife, Tonkanne (Mary), was of the family of Chief Little Crow, leader of the band who resided at Kaposia Village near Fort Snelling, Minnesota.

Gabriel Renville

Chief Little Crow
Renville Mission

Renville Mission (reconstructed) at Lac Qui Parle, Minnesota.

It has been said that Joseph Renville brought the first Bible to the State of Minnesota.
It was at this mission that he participated with missionaries that he brought here in
the translation of that Bible from French into the language of the Sioux.

John Joachim Renville (1853-1935) and Mathilda (1859-1938)

Ernest L. Renville (1895-1963)

Mildred Jellis Renville (1903-1993)

Donald E. Renville (1927-1987)

MMF representatives Randy Ranville and Donna Ranville accept War of 1812 banner and medal from Prime Minister Harper and Governor General Johnston honoring the service to the British by Joseph Renville during the War of 1812.

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