Der Staats-Anzeiger
Bismarck, North Dakota
28 January 1915
Film 3639, Vol. 9, No. 27, Page 5

Zimmer, North Dakota
January 20, 1915

On January 18, Mr. Georg son of Franz Dukart from Marienthal, Canada and Florentina, daughter of Mr. Johannes Jochim from Fallon, North Dakota, were united in wedlock. The marriage was officiated by Mr. F. Niegler or Riegler(?), the parson of the village of Fallon. The witnesses were Hyronimus Schnell from Marienthal, Saskatchewan, Canada, and Matthias Barth from Fallon, North Dakota. It followed with a reception with good food and drinks. During the festival you heard different German songs which were accompanied by an organ. I also was at the reception. On the 19th of January, the young married couple left for home, Marienthal, Canada. May God's blessing and lots of luck follow them.

Anton Jochim

Irma Katz Collection, Skokie, Illinois
Translation by Herta Duban and Elaine Helbling Hundley both of Rochester, Illinois, August 2003
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