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This page contains a limited collection of photos of members of the Eberle family. The majority of these photos came from the collection of Rhonda Bucher Wilhelm, others were obtained from the family research by Ed Merck. Click on any photo you would like to see enlarged. Use your browser's 'Back' button to return to this page.

This scene is at one of the family villages in Russia. Persons in the photo have not yet been identified. Those in the foreground are presumed to be Joannes Jacobus (1832-1878)and Magdalena (Heiser) Eberle (1834 - ? )with their daughter, Mary Magdalena (1876-1943).
Joe and Katherine
Katherine Cecilia (Eberle) (1866-1938) and Joseph John Merck (1858-1939)brought their family from South Russia to the United States in 1912, following a three year interlude in Brazil and Argentina. They first settled near her brother, Felix Eberle, in McHenry County, North Dakota, and, along with several of their children, moved to Portland, Oregon, in the early 1920s.
Magdalena (Heiser) Eberle (1834- ? ), seated, with two of her daughters, presumed to be Barbara and Ursula.
Jacob Eberle (1873-1970), standing second from left; Rose, his wife, standing to his left with little girl in front of her; Madeline (Eberle) Grau (1876-1943); George Grau (1871-1925); and others.
Magdalena (Heiser) Eberle (1834-?) and her daughter Mary Magdalena (1876-1943). She was also mother to Katherine (above photo), Jacob (photo on left), Joseph (below) and others.
Elizabeth ("Rose") (1876-1948) and Jacob Eberle (1873-1970) "arrived" from somewhere. Left to right: Elizabeth; unidentified woman with little girl in front of her; Mary Magdalena Eberle; man in background next to her is not identified; Jacob; George Grau (1871-1925).
Teresa Moffenbier and John Drescher's wedding party. Mother of the bride, Tekla (Eberle) Moffenbier (1864-1943), top left (white hair and collar). To her left, Jacob Eberle (1873-1970); his wife Elizabeth ("Rose") is two up, from the right side of the bride (white high neck blouse). To her left, Madeline (Eberle) Grau (1876-1943) (also with white high neck blouse). Above cake, Mary Grau (1898-1973). To her left, Maria Magdalena ("Madge") Eberle (1896-1978). To the left of the man helping hold the cake is Margaret (Moffenbier) Lutz (1887-?), sister of the bride.
Joe Eberle
Joseph Eberle (1871-1924).

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Joe Eberle and wife.

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Joseph Eberle (1871-1924), son of Joannes (1832-1878) and Magdalena (Heiser) Eberle (1834-?).
Christina (Wolf) (1879-1937), wife of Joseph Eberle (1871-1924), pictured at left.

Felix Eberle (1868-1928).
Catherine and Mother in Russia
Katherine and her mother in Russia.

Jacob Eberle (1873-1970).
Abbot Peter
Father Peter Eberle, Abbot of Mount Angel Abbey, son of Valentine (1912-1991) and Katherine (Moffenbeier) Eberle (1911- ).
Brother Benedict
Brother Benedict Eberle (1915- ), son of Joseph (1871-1924) and Christina (Wolf) Eberle (1879-1937).
Rose and Jacob
Elizabeth (Rose) and Jacob Eberle with Father Walter Moffenbier.
Hubert, Lawrence and Johnnie Drescher, grandsons of Tekla (Eberle) (1864-1943) and Joseph Moffenbier (1864-1941).
Theresa (Eberle) Bell (1896-1975), a twin of Maria Magdalena (Eberle) Bell (1896-1978), daughters of Jacob (1873-1970) and Elizabeth (1876-1948).
First Communion
Teresa Agnes and Maria Magdalena Eberle, daughters of Jacob and Elizabeth Eberle, at their First Communion.

Wedding photo of Mortimer (1896-1965) and Maria Magdalena ("Madge")(Eberle) Bell (1896-1978).

Stephen (1898-1918) and Marie (1899-?) Eberle, Jacob and Elizabeth Eberle (behind them), Madge and Mortimer Bell (below), Teresa Eberle, Mary Grau, Father Daley, and Rose Eberle (below them).
Lutz Family
Margaret (Moffenbier) (1887-?) and Philip Lutz (1877-?) family: Left to right: Helen, Philip (father), Jerome (son), Margaret, Teresa. Taken in Mount Angel, Oregon.

Philip Lutz (1877-?), Helen, Jerome, baby, Teresa, and Margaret Lutz (1887-?). Margaret was a daughter of Teckla (Eberle) Moffenbier (1864-1943) and granddaughter of Joannes Eberle (1832-1878).

Jacob Eberle in his shoe store in Portland, Oregon.

St. Mary's Church Band, Portland, Oregon, with Jacob Eberle in front.
Felix Eberle (1868-1928) and his family. His brothers Jacob and Joseph are in back.
Stephen J. Eberle (1898-1918), Jacob's son. He was killed during World War I and was buried in an American cemetery in France.
Stephen's Grave
Elizabeth Eberle visited the grave of her son, Stephen, at Oise-Aisne military cemetery in France in the late 1920s.
Valentine Eberle (1912-1991), son of Joseph (1871-1924)and Christina (1879-1937) Eberle, at age of 5 years.
Mathias (Matt) Eberle (1922-2003), son of Pius (1891-1954) and Gunda (Moffenbier) Eberle (1896-1979), and grandson of Felix Eberle (1868-1928).
Frank Pius Eberle ((1915-2011), son of Pius (1891-1954) and Eva Jaeger (1892-1919), and grandson of Felix Eberle (1868-1928).

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