5 May 2003


Greetings to All MEMBERS and ASSOCIATES of the 465th TCW


It was 50 years ago that the 465th deployed to France/Germany. It was also the start of many new

experiences and friendships. Fittingly, we will now undertake a "get together" which will reunite

both those who crossed the Atlantic in 1953 and those who later joined the 465th As such, this

invitation to a reunion is extended to Wing & Gp HQ, Maint, Supply, Security, 780, 781, 782

sqdns etc., and to all our friendly rivals and associates from other units. A special effort is

underway to locate and invite all those of us who have not attended a previous reunion and who

are seemingly late for roll call. I do not know where to send this notification/invitation to many

of our buddies, Please assist in locating and inviting them.


The 465 has signed a contract with the Gold Coast Casino, Las Vegas,(attachment 2) to include:

1.  Rooms-$36.00 per night plus tax (attachment 1)

Sun 21 Sep & Mon 22 Sep—10 rooms for early arrivals

Tues 23 Sep thru Thur 25 Sep--75 rooms total (depart 26 Sep)

Guests are responsible for their reservations as specified on attachment #l

2.  Thursday 25 Sept - meeting and banquet with sit-down dinner at $31.00 each (attachment

3). This cost ($31.00) includes Tip and Tax but does not include the cost of wine which

will be underwritten by the "hospitality" fund (see note 3 herein). Please forward to me by

21 Aug 03 your selection of entree and with check ($31,00 each) payable to the 465th TCW

as per attachinent #4. Hotel room payments must be made directly to the hotel. I will

interface with the hotel in arranging the banquet/dinner and other necessities.

3.  The 465th will host a “hospitality" room from 23 thru 25 Sept. Refreshments and snacks will

be provided. If so inclined please forward a donation to help defray the cost of both the

hospitality room and the wine provided at dinner. It is appreciated if you would send any

donation concurrent with your entree selections (attch #4) so that advance purchases may

be made..

Action required of you:

1.  Make your room reservation and payment directly with the hotel as per attachment #l

2.  Submit $31.00 for each entree you select as per attachments #3 and #4.

3.  If so inclined make a donation to defray the cost of both the hospitality room and

dinner wine

At an appropriate date I will do my best to notify you of attendees. Please provide your E-mail







 JD McGinley 782nd TCS

Designated Volunteer

2604 Spalding Dr

LasVegas NV 89134-7550



4 Attachments (Contact JD McGinley for attachments)

#1 Gold Coast Casino

#2 Room Resv

#3 Dinner Menu

#4 Selection of Entree