As you know, one of our good members, Charlie Spicka, lives in Oceanside near San Diego.? He has done a lot of research and has provided us with the following summary of things to do while in San Diego.? This should be a great help!? For those of you on the internet, he has provided web sites for your use.


Your Hotel is located in Old Town, the site of San Diego when it was founded.? There are Historic Buildings to see in Old Town along with excellent restaurants and numerous shops.? The Trolley line is 2 blocks from the Hotel.


The Old Town Trolley makes 8 stops where you?re allowed to get on and off as you wish.? The Trolleys run from 9 AM to 5 PM every 30 minutes.??



Note that you can get a two day pass for $ 42. You can then stop at places you missed before.? The tickets can be used on Wed., Thurs., or Fri.? I highly recommend the 2 day pass package.? Here is a page of ticket prices for several sights.



Here?s the map for the Trolley.? Our Hotel is located at the upper left of the Trolley map.? Note that if you go east from the Old Town Station you can get to excellent shopping at Fashion Valley and Mission Valley shopping centers.? An option is also to visit Tijuana, Mexico via the S.D Trolley.? It?s only a short walk after arriving at San Ysidro.



Don?t forget the Hotel will take us, for Free, to Sea World, the Zoo and to the Marine Corps Recruiting Depot (MCRD) for their Base Exchange and Class VI store.


I highly recommend a trip to the Aircraft Carrier USS Midway for an exciting experience.? It is a self-tour with a head set which can take up to 3 hours for $10 for Seniors.? You can You can use the S.D. Trolley to visit the Midway or you can depart the Old Town Trolley at the Cruise Ship Terminal.???? http://www.midway.org/


Another attraction is a Harbor Excursion which is $20 for a 2 hour tour and $15 for a one hour.? Food is available below deck at an additional cost.? http://sdhe.com/san-diego-harbor-tours.html


I must mention the Aerospace Museum where a 2 or 3 hour tour will occupy the guys while the gals are shopping in Old Town or at Fashion Valley or Horton Plaza in downtown San Diego.? This is one of the best collections in the Nation and is a ?must see? for our group.

http://www.aerospacemuseum.org????? An innovative addition to the Air Museum? at:?? http://www.aerospacemuseum.org/upcoming/newsim.html


Baseball fans might enjoy attending a Padres game in our new ballpark in downtown San Diego.? The Padres are playing Colorado September 3 ? 6.? Games on the 5th and 6th begin at 7:05 PM.? Petco Park is easy to reach on the S.D. Trolley.?



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