RSVP of Central Arkansas

Advisory Council


Shirley Clanton
Has volunteered for many years. Actively supports the ministry at Gains Street Baptist Church in Little Rock, Arkansas. Legacy: Laugh/Smile everyday no matter what!


Melvin Jones
Has volunteered over 20 years. Spends his free time as a ballroom dance instructor. Legacy: Live each day as if it were your last.

Bethena Walker
Volunteered since 1997. Currently volunteering at Care Link, AARP, and the Juvenile Justice System Legacy: I would like my life to reflect that a difference was made in the lives of others because of my encouragement, faithfulness, support, and concern. Serving others has brought so much joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction. When others read my life, I want the pages to speak of a life of service that enriched the lives of others. (No picture currently available.)

Delores Johnson
Worked as a Federal Employee with the United States Air Force. Has six children, 11 grandchildren, and five great grandchildren. Volunteering for over 15 years (currently at the Little Rock Air Force Base Hospital and Meals on Wheels program). Legacy: I would like all families to live in peace with each other. I would also like to encourage retirees to get the spirit of volunteerism. (No picture currently available.)


Gus Swain
Volunteered over 10 years. Has one child. Currently volunteering at Little Rock School District and substance abuse treatment homes. Legacy: To love and appreciate God for all the wonderful blessings that he has provided.


Bert Brown
Volunteered many years. Three children and 4 grandchildren. Currently volunteering at the Patrick Hayes Senior Citizen Center, his church and the Black Caucus. Legacy: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Annie McElroy
Volunteering for three years. Six children and 17 grandchildren. Currently assisting mother in her home. Legacy: Love the spirit of volunteering. There is pleasure in giving and there will always be a need for this service. (No picture currently available.)


Evelyn Lovelace
Volunteering 15 years and counting. Three daughters and 3 granddaughters. Currently volunteering at the Patrick Hayes Senior Center as Computer Lab Coordinator and Instructor. Legacy: Above all things get an education. That is something no one can take away from you.

Virginia Raum
(No picture currently available.)


Sedalia Bhones
Volunteering for 25 years. Five children, 15 grand children. Currently volunteering at Briarwood R.H., Parkview R.H., V.A. Hospital, and College Station. Legacy: If I can help somebody my living will not be in vain.


Ann Lucas
Married to Curtis Lucas for 15 years. Mother of 1 daughter and 2 step-children. Grandmother of 8, great grandmother of 1. Retired from GTE/Verizon after 28 years. Currently volunteering at North Metro Medical Center. Legacy: I have lived so far a wonderful life with a few bumps but "Life Goes On".


Alice Lupo
Volunteering almost 20 years. Currently working at Dunbar Senior Center. Legacy: Leave behind the spirit of love of others and give help where it is needed.


Dorothy Hickman
Volunteering for over 30 years. Three children and 6 grandchildren. Member of the Air Port Church of Christ in Little Rock, Arkansas. Legacy: A happy outgoing person who enjoys serving other people.


Judy Ramer
RSVP of Central Arkansas Advisory Council President. Has been committed to volunteerism for over 5 years. Legacy: To inspire others to follow in my footsteps and volunteer.


Dr. J. Sherman
Currently volunteering with the Central Arkansas Veterans Health Care System, Jewish War Veterans, Arkansas Veterans Coaition, West Little Rock Lions Club World Services for the Blind, Arkansas Arts Center, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, American Association of Retired Persons, and Homeless Veterans Programs. Has been volunteering since 1958. Legacy: I wish to be remembered as a person considerate of the welfare of others less fortunate than myself.

Billie Stanley
(No picture currently available.)

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