PLAYING RULES: Arkansas Senior Olympic rules are in accordance, whenever possible, with those of the National Senior Games Association (NSGA). Your event coordinator will answer questions regarding rules in the individual sports. Medals are given to first, second and third place winners in NSGA sanctioned events. Ribbons are presented to first, second and third place winners in recreational events. Events identified as ribbon events are not offered at the National Senior Games. If an out-of-state participant wins first place in any event, a duplicate award will be presented to the top Arkansas finisher.

AGE FOR COMPETITION: The ten age divisions apply to both men and women for individual and doubles events: 50-54; 55-59; 60-64; 65-69; 70-74; 75-79; 80- 84; 90-94; 95-99; and 100+. Athletes may participate in only one age division. A participant's age division for ALL SINGLES competition will be determined by his/her age as of December 31, 2006. Age of doubles, mixed doubles and teams will be determined by the age of the youngest player. Team events, basketball and softball, are divided into seven age divisions for both men and women: 50- 54; 55-59; 60-64; 65-69; 70-74; 75-79, 80 and up.

EQUIPMENT: Arkansas Senior Olympics will provide the necessary equipment for all events except the following:

ARCHERY: Target will be provided. Archer must provide his own bow and target arrows.
BADMINTON: Shuttlecocks will be provided.
BOWLING: Participants are encouraged to bring their own shoes and ball.
COMPETITIVE SHOOTING: May bring own air rifle/air pistol or use equipment on site. Equipment must meet specifications.
CYCLING: Helmet is mandatory. Participant must bring their own bicycle and helmet.
FIELD: Official throwing implements will be provided. Participant may use own personal implements, provided they meet the rules specifications. Participant must furnish own vaulting pole.
GOLF: Participants must bring his/her own clubs and soft/spikeless shoes.
TABLE TENNIS: Balls provided. Participant must bring his/her own paddle.
TENNIS: Tennis balls provided. Participants must bring his/her own racquet.
TRACK: Participant may bring his/her own starter blocks.


JAVELIN: Men: 50-54 and 55-59 - 700g; 60-64 and 65-69 - 600g; 70-74 and 75-79 - 500g; 80+ - 400g
Women: 50-54 and 55-59 - 500 g; 60+ - 400g
SHOT PUT: Men: 50-54 and 55-59 - 6kg; 60-64 and 65-69 - 5kg; 70- 74 and 75-79 - 4kg; 80+ - 4kg
Women: ALL AGES-3kg
DISCUS: Men: 50-54 and 55-59 - 1.5kg; 60-80+ - 1.0kg
Women: ALL AGES-1.0kg


Friday, September 29 Oaklawn Jockey Club
Reservations only. Tickets purchase necessary (see entry form) Open to public.

This is the qualifying year for the 2007 National Senior Games to be held at Louisville, Kentucky, June 22-July 8, 2007. All Arkansas Senior Games participants will have the opportunity to qualify to compete in the National Senior Games. Participants, whether from Arkansas or out-of-state, who place first, second and in some cases third and minimum performance will advance to the National Senior Games. An out-of-state participant must place first, second or meet minimum performance standards to qualify for nationals. The top two Arkansas participants in most events will advance to first, second and third place behind any first, second and third place out-of-state finishers.

This allows us to qualify Arkansans in each event as well as offering the opportunity for out-of-state participants to qualify. A doubles team with an Arkansan or out-of-stater will be considered an out-of-state team, thereby allowing an Arkansas team to qualify in state team as well. Arkansans may also qualify by meeting MPS (Note golfers must meet MPS to qualify). Because this is a qualifying year, we must follow certain rules and regulations when reporting results. It is very important that you complete in full the official entry form and sign the two waivers.

Participants competing in doubles events must make sure their partners send in their entry form or they will not be eligible to compete. Complete team rosters must be sent in by the team captain and he must make sure all team members send in individual entry forms. Otherwise they will not be allowed to compete.

Competitors wishing to qualify in the triathlon must compete in a 2006 Arkansas triathlon. Certified scores must be provided to the Arkansas Senior Olympic Office by November 15, 2006. The hammer throw competition must also be certified and results sent to the State office by November 15.

It is very important that you complete in full the official entry form and sign the two waivers. Those participants who are competing in doubles events must make sure their partners send in their entry form; otherwise they will not be eligible to compete. Same rule applies to teams; team captains are responsible for providing a roster and must make sure all team members send in an entry form with the signed waivers. Otherwise they will not be able to compete.

SWIMMING: Swimmers will compete in a meter pool. Times to be converted to yards. This is a U.S. Masters swim sanctioned meet.

TENNIS: Matches consist of three sets. Tie breaker used in the first two sets if game score is 6-6. Third set, when necessary, will be a tie breaker only. This gives winners some opportunity for rest between matches. Entrants MUST play to receive awards. Players MUST call for match times after September 21 at 501-922-5054.

TRACK: Participants who compete in the 1500 meter or 5K race walk MAY NOT compete in the 400 meter fun walk. Participants who compete in the 100 or 200 meter dashes MAY NOT compete in the 50 meter dash. The 50 meter dash is a recreational event for the novice runner. Track competition will be youngest to oldest. Field competiton will be oldest to youngest. Schedule to be adjusted to number of participants.

NOTE: All competitors must wear race identification (bib) numbers. If an event is finished early, the next event MAY begin earlier than the scheduled time. All participants MUST check in at their event 30 minutes before the event time.

REGISTRATION FEES MUST ACCOMPANY YOUR ENTRY FORM. Facility fees for golf and tennis must accompany your entry form. Other facility fees are paid at the facility as listed in this form.

1. Registration fee entitles entrant to participate in 8 events. The 9th and all successive events are $10.00 each.
2. The registration fee and Celebration For Athletes Dinner ticket purchases are NON-REFUNDABLE. All registrants receive a t-shirt and welcome packet.
3. Bowling fee is 5.75, payable at Central Bowling Lanes.
4. Golf fee is $50.00, to be sent in with the registration fee to the Arkansas Senior Olympic Office. Golf fee includes green fee and cart. Non-refundable. Belvedere Club members pay registration and cart fee only.
5. Tennis fee is $18.00 per event, to be sent in with the registration fee to the Arkansas Senior Olympic Office.
6. Weight lifting fee is $5.00, payable at the gym.
7. The Daisy Competition shooting fee is $10.00, payable at the indoor firing range.


Diamond: Sen. Terry Smith * Rep. Bob Mathis * Rep. Mike Burns * Rep. Rick Saunders * Rep. Bill Sample * Sen. Bill Faris

Platinum: State of Arkansas

Gold: National Park Medical Center

Silver: Hot Springs Parks & Recreation Department * City of Hot Springs * Mountain Valley Water * Hot Springs Advertising & Promotion Commision

Bronze: Riceland * Daisy Outdoor Products * Arkansa Community Care

Silver Ribbon: Alcoa * Bank of the Ozarks

Blue Ribbon: Sentinel Record * U.S. Bank

Red Ribbon: Floyd Gibbons Oaklawn Jockey Club AT&T Summit Bank

White Ribbon: Direclynx * Entergy * Munro Foundation * Malvern National Bank * Regions Bank * West Shores Retirement Center * Morgan Stanley * Area Agency on Aging * Simmons First * Blue Cross Blue Shield

Torch: Arkansas State Police * Business Center of Hot Springs * Central Bowling Lanes * Fiesta Lanes * First Baptist Church Family Life Center * Garland County Sheriff Department * Belvedere Country Club * Hot Springs Family YMCA * Hot Springs Health & Fitness Club * Hot Springs Police Department * Hot Springs School District * Hot Springs Village Coronado Tennis Center * Hot Springs Youth Center * Lake Catherine State Park * National Park Community College * On Target Indoor Firing Range * Pro Fitness * Quapaw Community Center * Spa Pacers * Teen Challenge * Senior Ambassadors * Bill Hall Printers. * Mtn. Valley Sportsman's Association

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