The Arkansas Senior Olympics is a non-profit organization. Arkansas Senior Olympics is a member of the National Senior Games Association. Registration fees help defray the costs of conducting the game. If you would like to contribute (tax deductible) beyond your registration fee, make your check payable to Arkansas Senior Olympics and include with your entry form or mail to: P.O. Box 1577, Hot Springs, AR 71902.

ELIGIBILITY: The Arkansas Senior Olympic games are open to all who are 50 years of age and over by December 31, 2006. Athletes are required to submit proof of age with their Event Registration Form. (Proof of age can be a copy of a driver's license or any other picture identification card that shows the date of birth.) Arkansas is an OPEN state - out-of-state residents are eligible and encouraged to participate.

All competitors must return the entry form to the Arkansas Senior Olympic office postmarked no later than September 12. You must be registered to participate.

PARTNERSHIPS AND TEAMS: Partnership and team age groups are determined by the age of the youngest team member. All partnership and team forms must be sent together. The maximum number of out-of-state members a team may have and still be considered an Arkansas team shall be limited to: 3 on 3 basketball - one (1). Team captains must complete the team roster and entry form and submit all team entry materials together. Team members must all be of the same gender. The team captain is responsible for the team fee. Individual players pay the individual entry fee in order to compete in other events. No partnership pools. Only team captains call in for team play information.

WEATHER POLICY: Sports using outdoor sites are weather dependent. Competition will be conducted unless an Arkansas Senior Olympics Official determines weather conditions to be potentially dangerous or life threatening, or if the playing field would incur significant damage. Come prepared for all types of weather. NO refunds due to weather!

REGISTRATION PACKET PICK UP: All competitors must pick up their packets prior to competing in his/her first event. Penalty for failure to do so is not being allowed to compete. The confirmation letter in your packet is your authorization to compete and must be shown, if requested, at all events. No letter - NO compete. Race (bib) numbers are in the packet and must be worn during competition. All competitors, other than those whose first event is listed below, will pick up packet at the First Baptist Church Family Life Center, 2350 Central, prior to competition.

Badminton Players: must check in at the Hot Springs Youth Center for play location before match time.

Tennis Players: Packets will be at the Coronado Tennis Center, Hot Springs Village. Match time will be available at the Coronado Tennis Center, September 25. Call 501-922-5054

Golf: Packets will be available at Belvedere Country Club prior to tee time. Call for tee time: Karen Ducha, 624-1568; 624-7735

1500 Race Walkers: Packets will be at Hot Springs High School Track, Thursday, September 28, 7:30 a.m.

Cyclists: Packets will be on site prior to competition (Oct. 7-8).

Competitive Shooters: Check in and packets will be On Target Firing Range, available September 28. Call: David, 501-767-9944. Rental equipment available upon request.

Pickleball: Check-in packet will be at Hot Springs Youth Center prior to play.

PLEASE NOTE; Events are subject to time change/relocation!!!

501-321-1441 OR 1-800-720-7276 (Arkansas ONLY) - Fax 501-321-4961
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