March 8, 2006


Immediate Release


The 9th Annual Nothin' but Net 3 on 3 Basketball tournament, will be March 16-19 in Hot Springs with 21 women and 27 men teams playing a total of 148 games. Teams are in age divisions: 50-54; 55-59; 60-64; 65-69; and 70-75 years old.


Games venues are at First Baptist Church and Lakeside School gyms beginning Thursday and ending Sunday. There is no admission, the public is invited. The men 70+ will start at 9 A.M. and continue to 4:30 P.M. Continuing to Friday and Saturday at First Baptist are the 60 - 70 division teams; on Saturday, men 60 - 70 and women 55+.


Team play begins at Lakeside School gyms beginning at 8:30 A.M. for the 50 - 55 men and 50+ women teams continuing through Sunday.


Medals and trophies are presented to the top three finalists in all divisions.


The teams are from nineteen states: Arkansas, Kentucky, Nebraska, Louisiana, Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, Mississippi, Colorado, Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas, Connecticut. Some of the team players are from Ohio, Illinois, Florida, North Carolina, Alabama and New Mexico. The teams have 5 to 10 players.


Dawne Brooks, Tournament Director, stated:

The teams are anxious to return to Hot Springs. This is their favorite tournament and the largest other than the National Senior Olympics. Some of the team players are flying in and many are playing with former teammates in college. In fact, this is the largest single senior basketball tournament.

We have found senior basketball players look for opportunities to play teams outside their own state. This gives them the chance to meet those in other states before they qualify for the National Senior Olympics to be in Louisville in 2007. In other words, this is sort of a 'scouting' opportunity."


She went on to say when a team loses a player she makes every effort to keep them in the tournament by searching throughout the states to find a replacement. "I enjoy working with putting the tournament together and I love bringing people to Hot Springs. It is our hope they will return to participate in the Senior Olympic games in September."


For information call Dawne Brooks, 501-321-1441 or 502-622-8963.

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